Romance is in the Air

Find the right match can be difficult. But this horoscope romance compatibility list, could point you in the right direction.

Aries and Leo
Make the perfect combination. With a Leo’s joke telling abilities and an Aries sense of humor this couple is sure to have a relationship full of laughter.
Scorpio and Aquarius
This couple is very well structured. Being independent , as an Aquarius naturally is, having a mature Scorpio in their life will allow them to grow while still having a shoulder to lean on.
Gemini and Libra
With their love of meeting new people, this couple is sure to be the life of any party. Plus Libra’s love to listen and will be Gemini’s emotional outlet.
Capricorn and Pisces
This couple is the dream team. A Pisces always has big dreams and needs someone to be there to inspire them; which is what Capricorns strive to do.
Taurus and Virgo
Self-proclaimed foodie relationship. Both Taurus andVirgo’s have a passion for food, and will always be the first to try out that new restaurant.
Cancer and Sagittarius
This couple will always be laughing. Since Sagittarius has the desire to make people laugh, and Cancer loves to laugh, there will never be a dull moment.
Pisces and Taurus
The little things are always remembered in this relationship. A Taurus always loves surprises, and a Pisces will never forget any special occasion.
Aquarius and Cancer
There is a great amount of understanding in this couple. Cancer craves someone who will listen to them, and they can find that in an Aquarius. a